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Luma Raises $3M, Run more effective webinars with less work, immersive video chat built for groups

Hello community,

Christmas month 🎄 What’s your plan?

This is my 7th month of running Virtual Mojito. Thank you very much for your support. People often ask me how to build this project.

At the beginning, I planned to write an article about tools for creating unique virtual events. Then the list just can't stop growing. I end up decided to create a website to help you search and filter the right resources.

Virtual Mojito is built without code on:

  • Notion - Website

  • Airtable - Form

  • Zapier - Automation

  • ImprovMX - Email forwarding

  • Substack - The newsletter you’re reading now

  • Fruition - Connect Notion to custom domain

You can find more ideas of product created by non-technical people with Nocode tools. Wonderful article from the HelloMeets community!

If you have any ideas. Don't hesitate to make it possible!

Again, many great updates 👇👇👇

@felix12777 on Twitter

New virtual event tools

Demio - Hassle-free Webinar Software for Marketers

Only Demio provides a simple, no-download webinar experience for your audience, as well as all the marketing tools you need to generate better results.


Hey! Tell us about yourself and a fun fact.

Howdy! In addition to co-founding Kumospace, I write angel checks at Charge Ventures (Charge.vc) and teach data science at Columbia Business School. I've played bass in an indie rock band, lived on a 10m sailboat, and published my Fulbright research in HBR. Currently surfing in Costa Rica while building Kumospace into the most fun place to be on the internet!

What motivated you to start your company?

Before Covid, I ran a networking event for angels. When the pandemic hit, I tried to bring it online but quickly realized how unsuited existing tools are for participant-driven events.

I immediately pitched my old friend and co-founder Yang on the idea of making it easy for anyone to create, share, and host events in mini-virtual worlds with spatial audio.

Two weeks later, Yang showed up with a working prototype. Initial user feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with multiple participants telling us that their time in Kumospace has been the most fun they've had since lockdown began.

How do you acquire users and grow your company?

Kumospace is an inherently viral product. Guests that attend events create their own spaces to host their own events. So far, the majority of spaces have been created organically by users who have either heard about it from someone else or attended a previous event. When people find something fun, they naturally want to share it with their friends!

What is your future goal?

Our mission is to build the world’s most powerful platform for creating, hosting, and participating in immersive virtual events that facilitate and deepen human connection.

Creative event organizers just need better tools to express their ideas online. That’s why we're already seeing folks Google, Shopify, Harvard, and Columbia throw events as diverse as team happy hours, escape-the-rooms, and birthday parties in Kumospace.

Anything our readers should know?

Basic Kumospace is free! Instead of charging for access, we provide our hosts with a rich toolset of virtual goods to engage and monetize their guests and sponsors. For internal event organizers, we will only charge for premium enterprise features such as white glove customization or enhanced security/ analytics. If you are managing culture for a remote team or hosting an online event, please reach out to hello AT kumospace DOT com.

Brett Martin, Co-founder, Kumospace

Virtual events that you should not miss

16 Dec - 2020 in Notion: A Notion Australia Special

If there’s one thing good about 2020, it has to be Notion and how much the Notion community has been growing this year. Along with frequent feature updates, we have seen a couple dozens of local community forming and thriving thanks to the Notion Ambassadors and consultants.

More events:
20 Dec - Funny Women Free Virtual Open Mic Night
20 Dec - Memorisely Meetup - Online UX/UI Bootcamps
21 Dec - How to Validate by Design: Stop Building Products Nobody Wants
23 Dec - End of Year 2020 Tech Communities Online Social Mixer
23 Dec - Venture University - REVERSE DEMO DAY - Asia - Cohort 10

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What we’ve been reading

Luma Raises $3M To Enable Business Growth On Top Of Zoom

“Victor Pontis and Danqing Liu were on different career paths, but found themselves working together on a concept to help a friend who’d been laid off. That concept ultimately became Luma.” - Christine Hall, Crunchbase

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