👫 Virtual Mojito Live 021 - Should you host event on a gaming platform?

Video-calling space, Virtual networking experience, 10 Slack communities you should join

Hello community,

Delayed 1 day 🧐… My bad!

I have received a lot of feedback about the current version of Virtual Mojito:

  • Product catalog - Looking for more in-depth reviews of each product, and may conduct real-time demo from time to time.

  • Event Calendar - So far, it is very useful, hope to see more diverse themes and events in different time zones. Need to push more, everyone can submit events.

  • Newsletter - The existing design is clean and tidy and easy to digest. The content length is good enough. Meet-a-Mojito is the best part.

  • and many more…

Really appreciate all the feedback. I will put every ideas into practice. Please stay tuned for Virtual Mojito 3.0

Btw… I’m testing a new structure for newsletter. Scrooooooolll down 🙃 Let me know what you think.

@felix12777 on Twitter

Tools and resources


Gather is building virtual spaces for people to live and interact more effectively online. We're starting with a web-based video calling experience that serves the urgent needs of people today.


Hey! Tell us about yourself and a fun fact.

I'm a graphic design student, currently studying for my 4th degree! I recently started my freelance business offering graphic design and social media management services. I have the same initials as ex-Spice Girls Victoria Beckham and I laugh at my own jokes so you don't have to :)

What motivated you to start your company?

My job is to make stunning visuals and to be social (online at least) so you can focus on your business. The social media landscape changes in the blink of an eye and it's very difficult and time-consuming these days to make valuable content that your audience likes and engages with. That's why I'm here! Whether you need a logo or social media posts, I love using my creativity to bring your brand to life.

How do you acquire users and grow your company?

Personal branding is my key to success! Early success at least. For now, I didn't have to look for any customers just yet because they came to me. Mainly through content creation on LinkedIn and networking.

What's the goal of setting up a networking event?

To get people to know each other in a professional way in order to build a solid network you can rely upon.

How will you ensure that you keep interacting with people?

Make sure there's a system in place to connect people that have something in common or could help each in some kind of way

What is your future goal?

I would love to start an own agency with another ambitious and like-minded female entrepreneur like me. I want focus on building such a strong personal brand that people want to work with me because of who I am and what I offer.

Anything our readers should know?

I'm always open to network or awesome collabs! So if you want to have a virtual cup of coffee (or martini) with me, connect with me on LinkedIn or slide into my DMs on Instagram. Cheers!

Victoria Buylaert, Digital Creator, Captain Creative

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