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Imagine you can personalize a meeting by making an easy to remember link!

Hello community,

Imagine this...

After all the work you put into organizing your virtual event, no one turns up at the event. Many people say the virtual event craze has worn out or that virtual events are no longer relevant.

Could you make a difference?

I am seeking the next wave of virtual event facilitation techniques, tools, or any cool resources. Have you found anything recently? Please tell me!

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Tools and resources

Toucan →

Toucan is a video conferencing platform specializing in creating seamless social interactions for our users. Host spontaneous or recurring meetings, networking events, and collaboration sessions.

Community spotlight

Indie Worldwide is a community for makers who can't get to an in-person meetup group or want to expand their circle beyond their local area. We host online video chats where you can make friends, meet co-founders, find new clients, and get advice. 100% online.


Hey! Tell us about yourself and a fun fact.

I’m Andy and I’m the head of global marketing at Klounge, the startup behind Gotalk. I’m
a Kiwi (New Zealander) who has lived in South Korea for over 10 years and have worked with local startups for around 6 years, including reporting on up-and-coming companies in the tech scene. I majored in Korean at university many years ago and also studied an MBA here in Korea.

What motivated you to start your company?

We did a soft launch of Gotalk in late 2018 and originally started it because we believe that video meetings should be made as quick and easy as possible. For instance, we wanted someone using an Android device to be able to video call an iOS device without needing to install any apps or even sign up for anything — and now with Gotalk you can do just that.

We also wanted to create a video service which reflected real-life conversations better as one of the most frustrating things with video meetings is talking over one another due to a slight delay. To solve this issue our developers have worked hard on keeping latency to a bare minimum and as a result Gotalk has less delay than other popular video meeting and streaming platforms.

Lastly, we wanted users of video meetings to feel at ease knowing that their data is secure and that others (including the company itself) can’t eavesdrop on their calls. This is why we implemented full end-to-end encryption from day one, along with other privacy controls such as locked rooms and being able to confirm incoming visitors via webcam.

How do you acquire users and grow your company?

We’ve been growing Gotalk by working with telecommunications providers, government
organizations, education providers and religious during this pandemic to help provide more accessible options for video meetings and streams. In addition to this, some users have also made content with Gotalk and uploaded it to other websites such as YouTube which has helped get our name out there.

What is your future goal?

We’d like to grow our userbase further and help more people gain a secure, easy and
lightning fast video conferencing experience right in their browser with just a single click. We’ll continue to add features to Gotalk and also use our WebRTC technology in future upcoming services such as, a customer helpdesk solution that doesn’t need any extra software.

Anything our readers should know?

Despite the latest pandemic and many people video conferencing, it’s still very common to see issues where people are unable to hear each other, people talking over each other and just confusion of how to get connected, especially if using a new platform. I hope that readers will give a quick try to see just how easy and fast it is to start a video meeting with anyone.

Andy Tebay,

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