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Hello community,

Have you noticed any difference in remote work teams recently?

I do. Although most of my teammates have been working virtually and used many productivity tools to power our work. But I can't seem to see our productivity increase.

I want to make this point because I think it has nothing to do with where we work and what tools we use. It's about our mindset, how we prioritize and do things - together!

What do you think? Any thing I can learn from your experience?

@felix12777 on Twitter

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Hey! Tell us about yourself and a fun fact.

Hello! This is Mario, co-founder of Atium, the library of original games and energisers to build connection in remote teams.

I have a background as a growth marketer and worked at several early-stage startups, as well as established companies like Google and Ring (Amazon).

A fun fact about me is that I will soon move to Georgia (the country, not the US state!), as after 4 years in the Netherlands I terribly miss mountains!

What motivated you to start your company?

Before starting Atium, I already had the chance to work remotely as a freelancer.
I loved the flexibility that it gave me. I could spend more time with my family, or work whilst travelling.

However, I experienced how difficult it is to maintain connection and belonging with colleagues.

It just felt like it was not sustainable in the long run.

When I spoke to my co-founders Guido and Giannis and realised they were also passionate about solving this problem, we started interviewing remote team managers. They validated that this was a pressing problem and Atium was born!

How do you acquire users and grow your company?

Our earlier traction (first 10 teams or so) mostly came from the remote team leads we interviewed before officially launching Atium.

To reach 100 teams, we did some low-budget paid acquisition campaigns (SEM, Twitter & Linkedin ads); actively participated in remote work communities and events & launched our beta on websites like Betalist.

To go from 100 to 1000 teams we're now focusing as much as possible on product-led growth & word of mouth, using the intrinsic virality of the games we build to get new users.

What is your future goal?

We currently see 3 main product areas to focus on in our roadmap: integrations, virality & measuring impact.

We believe that it's important to integrate the social moments that Atium provides as much as possible into the work processes that teams already have. We already added email and Slack integrations, but plan to add calendar, video-call & employee engagement integrations.

For virality, we will focus further on designing activities that deliver more value if you share them with others.

Lastly, we plan to turn the activities into a gamified way to improve your team culture, directly linking the impact of doing an activity to team-metrics like psychological safety, trust & sense of belonging.

Anything our readers should know?

I really believe that the best way for remote work to grow sustainably is for players in the industry to collaborate and help each other.

So I'd like to really thank Felix for this initiative and look forward to connecting with other readers of this newsletter.

You can find me on Linkedin. Lastly, Atium is freemium, so if you are curious you can create an account and easily check it out in less than 2 minutes:

Mario Bertorelli, Co-founder, Atium

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