Virtual Mojito Live EP025 / 🎂 1st anniversary + VM 3.0!

New look. New experience. A lot of great resources!

Hello community,

It’s happeningggggg. I just launched Virtual Mojito 3.0 👇👇👇

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Tools and resources

LiveKlass →

LiveKlass is an demand skill monetization platform, where anyone can schedule class, ask followers to enroll and make money.

Community spotlight

Public Lab is a dedicated community and resource library to help indie hackers, creators, and solopreneurs find their authentic voice in public and grow an engaging audience.


Hey! Tell us about yourself and a fun fact.

Hey there! I'm Rob, the CEO of HeySummit, the event marketing platform that helps creators and entrepreneurs reach millions of attendees and share their knowledge. A bit before HeySummit, I lived on a converted school bus traveling around the US making documentaries. There were 5 of us. Yes it was a bit tight.

What motivated you to start your company?

Back in 2018 a good friend of mine, Ben Dell started HeySummit because of a personal pain point. He wanted to run a summit for another business and made the fortunate mistake of setting a date before picking a platform. After finding nothing that looked good enough he decided to make his own in about six weeks. The event went well and after so many inquiries, he decided to get me involved to help scale the team and business.

The main motivation was to provide a beautiful way for someone to run a complex summit without needing a big team or any technical skills, or needing to spend thousands on Wordpress templates that didn't work well. What resulted was HeySummit :)

How do you acquire users and grow your company?

Initially we wanted to test the idea in a way that would tell us whether or not people would even pay money to use the product in the first place. We launched on AppSumo and were one of the most successful launches they had seen. From there we converted about 35% of the AppSumo customers to a monthly plan, which not only started our growth but gave us a really engaged community that helped us work out what was most important.

Nowadays it's a combination of word of mouth, creative content, partnerships/affiliates and, well, event marketing :)

What is your future goal?

The reasons why folks choose HeySummit usually boil down to customizability and flexibility. They like that they can make their summit look unlike anything out there, and that they can combine the best tools they already love using - running the 9am keynote on Zoom, 10am networking session on Remo, and 11am masterclass on Vimeo is no sweat.

Our roadmap deep dives into these two aspects. From introducing new monetisation options like charging monthly or paid add-ons for event organisers to offer attendees, to custom email campaigns, and attendee to attendee messaging, to modularising the talk and other pages to allow for even more unique event experiences, we're working on some pretty cool ways for customers to build compelling event experiences.

Anything our readers should know?

We always love to see new uses of the platform. From video podcasting to talk-series and fireside chats, to running a cohort-based course, we've seen so much diversity in the 5,800+ summits we've seen. We'd love to hear your ideas about what you'd want to run, to see if it would be possible using HeySummit.

If you'd like to check out HeySummit, we're also offering any Virtual Mojito reader a lifetime discount of 15% and free access to our Virtual Event Architect course (usually $129).

Robert Gelb, CEO, HeySummit

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