Working from home and lonely? / Virtual Mojito Live EP029

We need to talk about working from home loneliness

Hello community,

How would you spend your time while working from home?

Having time at home with your family while taking care of yourself is a great thing. However, you may still want to have some social time with your colleagues.

What do you think? I uncovered a bunch of great games you can play virtually with your friends. Check out Virtual Mojito → Discover new tools → Category → Games

As usual, bunch of amazing resources below!

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Tools and resources

Workfrom →

Workfrom is an online cafe platform where people to come together live every day to focus, be productive, and work remotely together.


Hey! Tell us about yourself and a fun fact.

I’m Rhoda, I’m the founder of Woolfie -- fun team activities, all on Slack. I’m also a software engineer working in FinTech. Outside of work, I enjoy knitting, watching the UFC, and photography. Also, I don’t like cooking, but I like eating food!

What motivated you to start your company?

Working from home during lockdown got very lonely, very quickly. Our team at work found ourselves looking for things to keep us connected. I thought, why not create activities that we can play on Slack? And that’s how Woolfie was born. Woolfie started out as werewolf for Slack, hence the name. Nowadays, we’ve branched out to include other activities as well, with lots more to come down the line.

How do you acquire users and grow your company?

So far, Woolfie’s been growth has been organic, through the Slack App Directory and word of mouth. We now review games and activities for remote team building on our Twilight Howl blog. We post musings about leadership and good work culture on Twitter. We also create funny comics about team life on Instagram.

What is your future goal?

I envision Woolfie to be the go-to Slack app for remote team fun. We’ve got a lot of things planned for the future that I’m really excited about! We’re going to have more roles for Werewoolf which will allow larger teams to play it. People will soon be able customise and schedule their Werewoolf and Trivia games. We’ll have a lot more Trivia categories, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure games, and Escape Rooms, all on Slack.

Anything our readers should know?

We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and feedback on what you want to see in Woolfie. Let us know, and we'll try to make it happen! You can contact us through our website or through any of our social media accounts, our DM’s are always open.

Rhoda Esquivel, Founder & The Engineer, Woolfie

Virtual events that you should not miss

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